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Report / Kot ban www
« on: 01 March 2021, 19:58:15 »
demo :
To me he has wallhack + triggerbot and probably an aimbot as well.
He joins the server at 172k tick or at when the score is 13-4
Ok so keep in mind that this person was on a new steam account, and always remember it while I'll describe every weird things that happens. Also talked in voice chat last round before he left and he sounded like a kid, which even make his case more suspicious. I did a long version and short one if you're busy and can't read everything.

-So his first round he buys a deagle, first he doesn't see the guy going underpass(turn off xray you'll see by yourself), he was about to leave mid and has he saw through the ground that he was going underpass he came back even aiming at the ground on mid.
Also when he kills the guy window, you can see his crosshair shakes, turn it at 1/2 speed, it's really light but you can see it at full speed or 1/2. While it could be a demo issue or some other reasons, remember what I said, new account, and if you watch anyone else this kind of shaky movement doesn't happen.
Right after that shot another guy peeks mid, and again his reaction time compare to his aim seems odd to me, he's waiting litteraly not moving the crosshair and all of a sudden hit a one tap. You can see the way he moves towards connector afterward, not checking anything, and then went back to mid to fight. Watch the whole round, this first round already is pretty suspicious.

-second round, he holds the nade at ramp and you can see he's slowly looking at the ground because he knows he's getting pushed and want to throw the nade close to the guy pushing, concerning this maybe he heard him, I have sound issue so I don't know, but it's really odd coming to such "god aimer" to do that, if it was me I would just throw the nade and insta go back, instead he waits until the opponent is visible on his screen and throws it like he panicked, then another things, so I know it could be related to settings, I didn't tested everything, but you can see as he repeeks boom with his krieg, he follows him through the nade dust effect, I litteraly can't see a thing there, so maybe it's the settings, I know depending on shader and effects settings, you can either see better through mollies or nades dust, so I don't really know, tell me what you guy see on your screen, if you can clearly see Boom or not because I just can't see him at all.

-(tick = 200k) as surprising as it is, he bought kevlar+helmet and a flash with a ..... glock, yea, again small details, but to me it just shows a lack of knowledge there, I almost never saw anyone keeping a glock, with helmet+kevlar. So what's going on here ? ramp gets mollied and and naded, and...... he just shoot straight on the guy behind all the dust and fire effect and again, I don't know settings that allows you to see properly through both effects, you may ask then how is opponent could see him ? Well actually watch his opponent's POV, he got shooted and by reflexe shooted where he THOUGHT the suspect was and shooted a whole spray, but I think he couldn't really see him.
Still in the same round, he goes on top on those thing where you go to do A smoke execute, he waits, and gets the perfect timing to go down and peek ramp like he knew no one would close ramp, but the most suspicious thing is.... he sees the guy through the wall going sandwich, and he tried to preaim sandwich but then stopped went back and repeeked but the guy just was already hiding in sandwich, that move right there doesn't smell good trust me it's like between tick 203k and 205k, also he just completely ignore stairs for some reason. And guess what's next ? He sees an opponent rushing him through the wall and insta move his crosshair in the right direction lol and... can we talk about his reaction time ? I don't know like we have to be careful when it comes to demo and what we see on it, but it still seems pretty fast to me. So the guy who push die and insta look back at sandwich, how the hell does he perfectly know the guy is sandwich ? It's so obvious, first he drops down while his opponent walks towards sandwich then aim directly at it ignoring stairs, he kills one ennemy which could be the first guy that shooted him earlier through the mollies and nade but no he goes back watching sandwich while just one opponent could insta kill him from stairs. I could understand if he was trying to get a timing and switching between stairs and sandwich, but in this case it's just pure gambling and every gambling move that he does weirdly works.

I'll let you watch the whole demo until he leaves the match, I'll just sum up other suspicious moment that I found so you don't have to read an essay.

-Same round he just run palace knife out as he knew no one was there.
He preaim stairs while walk peeking and looks at the guys through the stairs while aiming sandwich, he obviously knows 2 guys are around stairs so he focus it, fake to prefire it(btw watch the movement of his crosshair when he shoots with ump, it just looks like he doesn't try to control any spray) and by a miracle knows one guy is peeking site so he stop focusing stairs but aim towards the jungle area.

-Next round(tick = 215k) and last one is a flown fiesta(and you can hear he's a kid btw), trying to prefire a guys through the T ramp stairs while he can't see him. then aim through the wall towards stairs cause he saw one guy was stairs and the other one stopped aiming at ramp. And when he went palace this is the clown fiesta moment, he has the best awareness, aim, reaction time of all time. Judge by yourself, he first focus stairs(and not sandwich this time for some reasons) insta kill the guy peeking, he insta hs me when I tried to peek him, there was no one jungle he didn't care and all of a sudden one guy is jungle and he prefired him.

*His reaction time seems too good
*He always focus the right spot while having 0 information
*Shaky aim in the first round with deagle(first kill on window, watch it in 1/2 but you can  even see it full speed)
*Doesn't control recoil(watch the round where he's palace with UMP)
*He seems to see through any nade dust effect or molly effect perfectly(while I can't see anything on my screen)

Thank you in advance for reading my post and banning him.  ;D

Unban / Re: Unban ? ? ? (again)
« on: 24 February 2021, 17:22:28 »
Watched the whole demo.
I came to the same conclusion as last post : Not enough evidence.
There are 2 moments that looked fishy to me, but overall there's clearly not enough evidence. And again, I think these 2 bans are based on his playstyle which is odd I agree.

If you want to know the main fishy moment to me of all the round he did was at round 13 or around 125k tick if you want to check. The way he peeked scorp to me was really odd, though it's a spot that you have to preaim in situation where you don't have any information. And again, from all rounds, this is the main fishy one that still could be explained.
The other one was last round before he get bans so round 21(211k tick), it was 2v2 that went into 2v1, but tbh his crosshair was towards under palace, then ramp, so he kinda checked it, but one of the T could've been palace or T ramp and he would've died, but again, I don't see anything that much suspicious this round, you can even see at 213k tick that he first killed a guy who was running towards CT, then hide back and when he repeeked his crosshair placment was way off the opponent which indicate he had not clue that the guy was here.

I wouldn't still ban him for these 2 moments. I would need more evidences.

I got a question Vulturan : For how long have you been playing cs:go ? Did you watch any pro games wether it's demos/youtube/livestream ?

Unban / Re: Unban ?
« on: 23 February 2021, 00:10:14 »
I watched the demo, litteraly 0 cheat from my perspective.
Before he got ban apparently Vulturan got msg'ed by admin so I guess Dany, Vulturan was typing in the chat some interrogation mark.
While your playstyle is definitly odd, I can't see any evidence of cheat and I watched the whole demo from when you came in to when you got banned.

For those who want to check, he comes in at round 8 when it's (ct)3-5(t).
The only thing that I found "suspicious" but seems pretty random was at round 11, around 116k tick I'd say, you were holding from CT banana push, and as the ennemis were coming closer and closer you shooted before they peeked. It's the only moment that looked suspicious to me but if we look your overall playstyle it just looks like you tend to randomly shoot spot.

If anyone can do also an analysis i'm open to discuss about it, but from my POV he's legit.

Report / Re: suspicion : Bunny (WH 65%) - 18/02/2021
« on: 19 February 2021, 02:57:33 »
I don't think she's cheating at all.

I didn't watch the demo but I already know who the person is, and nothing really shocked me when I played against her.
Also when you post a demo, precise at which moment you find something suspicious, so which round with eventually the approximate moment(you can see by pressing SHIFT+F2, it will open the menu to fast forward, go back, etc. and you have the tick or time.

It would help anyone who want to watch the demo  ;D

I think most people know bunny for quite a while here. It doesn't necessarily mean that we can rule out any suspicion, but if you have some round or specific time on the demo you think are odd, I'll watch it and give you my opinion.

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