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Разбан (Unban) / Unban iMBA-Sh0X
« : 11 Июля 2019, 23:21:39 »
Dear HEAD Admins!

I just got banned by "SlyBesker" for the reason "Aimbot" and i dont have fucking aimbot! I am good and play often, and i really want to be a part of this community one day. This is SAD and insulting he ban me like that... I would like to see the demo lol xD Because i dont have aimbot, wallhack or anything else, im just a very good player lol :) I've read and heard from many people, that he ban for no reason, and are useing his admin rights in a STUPID WAY... I ask for a unban, because this is just bullshit, he's completely shitty admin, and sorry my lang... But its the truth!

1. My Nick: iMBA-Sh0X
2. Admin Nick: SlyBesker
3. Reason: Aimbot (no demo and i dont use ANYTHING!)
4. I think i explained the scenario about the guy called "SlyBesker" hes a retard who ban avery guy he cry over.

I hope the HEAD admins take care of such a bad guy like SlyBesker. He really dont deserve admin rights. He's abusing his STATUS as ADMIN!


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