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Предложения, Улучшения. / Re: more variety
« : 19 Июля 2019, 22:56:27 »
Just remove d2, and only put d2 night in. Then it will be a lot better. D2 should have d2 only server :)

Предложения, Улучшения. / Re: more variety
« : 19 Июля 2019, 21:46:48 »
I already said the things about !nominate "map" like 4 maps and then ppl vote 1,2,3 or 4 for nextmap ;) So yea, it would be nice that way, instead of just a standard mapcycle.

Вопрос - Ответ / Re: Server Update
« : 18 Июля 2019, 16:14:59 »
Dont worry, KOT will fix it ASAP :)

Ofc i want to see Nuke, Overpass, train.

But those maps would be the dream maps:

Dust 2 Night

And other maps in that category 😎👍

Разбан (Unban) / Re: Unban iMBA-Sh0X
« : 12 Июля 2019, 10:57:17 »
Thanks a lot KOT, i also dont understand the 3 kills demo and yea if you put sv_showimpacts 1 you can clearly ser i dont Even use aimbot or anti recoil or anything else... But again thanks for the unban, i love this server, and good job by you KOT. It WAS a FAKE ban as I said.

No hard feelings, good luck a d have fun on the server guys :)

Разбан (Unban) / Re: Unban iMBA-Sh0X
« : 12 Июля 2019, 02:08:05 »
Maybe you should get my fake ban anti shit bot confirmed by other admins... Because its fake ban, and i dont use anything! End of story, i dont have to say more now. Because its all up to you guys, and i have already made a request for unban, since i KNOW its a completely fake ban and big mistake from you :) So please unban me, or get HEAD admins to look at this, i bet many other admins have seen me played before, and im almost dmg on server, and now a ban comes to me? Why did it take so long time, didnt u ask urself that LOL? Maybe because youre the only one thinking im hacking LOL.

Its a FAKE ban as i said many times now. And I actually want to become an admin one day.

Again no hard feelings, but this is just not a true ban from ur side, its a mistake ban. And you need to realise that lol...

Разбан (Unban) / Re: Unban iMBA-Sh0X
« : 12 Июля 2019, 02:01:05 »
LOL, i use ctrl... But not as much as many others maybe. That no facts bro xD Proofs is on different LANS, but I dont have to proof that i played pro back in the days... I play nostem because of skins, in steam i have +3000 hours... Epic fsil, another fake? What are you takling about? Confirm all that i write? Its clear in my messages... What do you want me to confirm further??

Разбан (Unban) / Re: Unban iMBA-Sh0X
« : 12 Июля 2019, 01:32:07 »
In the end i can tell you that i heard by 4 ppl now, that you have banned them for no reason. But thats not my problem, i only take care of my own situations. Just like they have to.

Have a nice day, and i rally look forward to get unbanned, so i can enjoy the server again, with nice ppl playing there, and hope i could be scouted as admin some day.

No hard feelings from here.

Разбан (Unban) / Re: Unban iMBA-Sh0X
« : 12 Июля 2019, 01:28:09 »
And ofc my bullets fly on the enemy, should i shoot at boxes or walls? That dosnt get me any kills LOL... Seriously, this is a FAKE ban. And I dont accept this bullshit. I love the server, and already thought about requesting for admin when i played some more on the server. So all in all we are actually on same side. Im a very good player, played since 2000, played 1.6 pro for team SoA Denmark. Now i just chill out since im 27 years, and dont play pro anymore. I can guarantee u that i dont use anti recoil, aimbot, wallhack or anything else.

Разбан (Unban) / Re: Unban iMBA-Sh0X
« : 12 Июля 2019, 01:23:01 »
I dont unsult you, i just tell you the truth. And in the demo, you can easy see i do t have anti recoil or anything else... The worst thing about you comment on this is: You say normally i play good, and now u want to ban me because u think i use anti recoil or aimbot? Are you nuts bro? I want a head admin to look closer into this, because its a FAKE ban. End og story.

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