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Admin application for yung zed


1. Nick in the game: yung zed
2. Age: 22
3. Real name: John
4. Link to the Steam profile:
5. Link to your statistics, i don't know why it doesnt show my previous playtime. I used to play on this server a lot back in 2019 too
6. Country of residence: United States
7. VK / Skype / Facebook / Discoard: discord - zed#2405
8. Admin on another server ?: No.
9. Do you have experience as an admin ?: No
10. How many hours per day are you ready to manage our server ?: 3 hrs
11. Why do you want to be an admin anyway ?: There are often no admins when I go on since I live in the US, and there have been a lot of cheaters/admin abusers that will abuse legitimate good players. I played collegiate competitive csgo so I can the tell difference between cheaters and good players. My faceit is
12. Have you read these rules ?: Yes, I have


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