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I would like to be an admin: AdviceLOL


Hi!, im AdviceLOL, but my real name is Dario.
I play in this server since 2019 (on non steam accounts, with steam account since 2021), and I love spending time in this server with a lot of guys I like to call friends, like knarran, focus, sky, curry hell even scorp.
Im applying for admin Rights because I hate that at leat once a week I have to stop playing because of a obvious cheater, and before you ask, I take very seriusly bans; I wont ban someone just because he is better than me and killed me a bunch of times, if I have suspects I will go in spectator mode to be 100% sure. I wont ruin the day of someone else just because i feel frausteted.
I am very young, 18 in 1 month, but I am very mature for my age; I am an engineering student, i have C1 english, and I speak 3 lenguages. I am not a kiddo that wants to feel powerful.

Overall, I guess all I want to say is that I like the server and I want to help because is basically a part of my daily routine since god knows how long.

1. Nick in the game: AdviceLOL
2. Age: 17
3. Real name: Dario
4. Link to the Steam profile:
5. Link to your statistics:
6. Country of residence: Italy
7. VK / Skype / Facebook / Discord:  discord- Advice#8073
8. Admin on another server ?: No.
9. Do you have experience as an admin ?: no.
10. How many hours per day are you ready to manage our server ?: I play everyday after class for 1-2h least.
11. Why do you want to be an admin anyway ?: I want to make the server an enjoyable experience for new players.
12. Have you read these rules ?: Yes, I have

I thought bellisima was your name OH WELL

Well i cant say nothing against this , you have tried being admin for awhile ( when you reach over 25k points) you have Been  very responsable as far as i know and i havent seen any abusing orToxic behavior at all.

My conclusion overall is to give this Guy a try since we running low on active admins at THE moment and he has well proven himself to be Up to THE task.

Best regards///KnaRRaN


Good & friendly guy!


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