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Hello My name is Eddy and in applying for admin Rights on THE server, many of you know me as THE Guy with THE loosey spray control and bad timing. Well for about two years Ago i tried CS after a 12 year hiatus and it was super fun espcially on these kinds of server where you actually get to know THE players and its Great community. I know THE server has Been dropping in player activty recently which Also attributs to less admins online mostly.
With that in mind THE server getting crowded with spinning fake S1mple daily which is a Shame.

With me as an admin you Will get a calm reasonable experince player WHO Will strive to make it fair for everyone and try to encourge other to DO THE same.

1. Nick in the game: KnaRRaN
2. Age: 31
3. Real name: Eddy
4. Link to the Steam profile:
6. Country of residence: Sweden
7. Discord : Knarran
8. Admin on another server ?: Not recently
9. Do you have experience as an admin ?: Yes several back in CS 1,5 and 1,6
10. How many hours per day are you ready to manage our server ?: 1-3 hours depends on how My Wife works( shes THE boss 😔)
11. Why do you want to be an admin anyway ?: Mostly because THE server is Kinda flooded with cheaters, and i cannot expect the admins to be around Every minute of THE hour.
12. Have you read these rules ?: Yes, I have

Have a Great Day

+1 Active in the server and a good guy! If u camp too much then it will be -1 :D

Thanks for your response BOOM much appricated, speaking of camping im not sure i understand your accusation 😂😂😂👍👍👍



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