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I want to be an admin - Kerr (accepted)

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1. Nick in the game: Kerr
2. Age: 27
3. Real name: Mathias
4. Link to the Steam profile:
5. Link to your statistics
6. Country of residence: Belguim
7. VK / Skype / Facebook / Discoard: discord Kerr#1806
8. Admin on another server ?: No.
9. Do you have experience as an admin ?: Many years ago I had a server that was used for 5v5
10. How many hours per day are you ready to manage our server ?: 2 hours
11. Why do you want to be an admin anyway ?: I'm a person that is always calm and I always keep an eye open for suspicous behavior, when I see something I report it to the person who needs to know, I enjoy playing on the server and like the friendly chaty people.
12. Have you read these rules ?: Yes, I have

+1 from me. Good player and good luck!

Good player, good person.


Sounds pretty Good to me.


Lagger.....  :-*


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