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Hi, I would like to apply for the role of administrator.

I play a lot on the server - difficult to measure in hours as it depends on the day.
Global Elite
Faceit LEVEL 10.
Good at seeing who cheats and who is genuinely good - much better than existing admins-base to be fair.

I apply because I think the server is for everybody who contributes to a good and fun environment. This excludes consistent campers, people who have less than 10 hours of CS GOgameplay etc. 

+1 from me.
I know Collector for a while now... very experienced and good player!

Cheers mate!

For a danish player His pretty Good

Great caller and does not bait

+ From me


--- Quote from: Knarran on 02 May 2021, 16:08:44 ---For a danish player His pretty Good

--- End quote ---

And we know Danish players are not that good from teams such as Heroic and Astralis ;)

+1 from me

He is always bullying me ahahah
His noob tho, 4k elo he says  ;D ;D ;D
For me is a +1


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