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Unban / i got banned by boom! thinks i'm wh
« on: 18 May 2021, 21:55:53 »
1. Your nick in the game : OG-touchsky
2. Nick of the admin who banned you : BOOM!
3rd reason (see in Banlist) : wh
4. Date and time of the ban : 21:06:43 (38:36)
5. Declaration or revocation : i don't use cheats for any kind of reasons and i'm playing this game from 2015 and i'm faceit lvl 7

idk where is the wallhack in the thing i did and above all of this i don't have a good pc
(-15-45) fps player and i can't inject cheats on this laptop because the game will instant crash on me and i play in the server first because i can't play faceit second mm is full of cheaters and spinbotters so yeah.

 i send the demo as i understant from the server and don't anyone admin for the love of god contact me on discord TouchSky#0482 or in steam 1195258414 OG-touchsky
(not my main but i play on it for reasons) i know you'll read fin so fuck you you're good  ;D

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