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Ban stranny


Hey there,
can you please check Stranny and ban him for aimlock/aimasassist, and he also might have a WH.
Demo: Match ID: 21548, Start Time: 07.06.21 (17:55)
Unluckily, I couldn't check him properly and he then just left the server because of all the others on the server wrote in the chat that he is hacking (it was rly obv)... so he just left and I couldn't ban him anymore.
But I'm pretty sure, he was aimlocking. Especially 1-2 rounds before he just suddenly disconnected. Lets make sure, this Bot cant get back on the server.

Thank you!

will check!

but it's actually really sad that none (else) cares or responds to reports made here...
Than I can save my time to post stuff here.


I havent seen him play yet.. you have a demo?

I didn't download it because you can do that from the demo archive. But I guess, it is no more available now... unfortunate...
Maybe he`ll come back on server and you see him hacking and can ban him.


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