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Show the @admin communication feature


Hey guys,
I dont know if you think the same about this topic, but I have the feeling that we should show the @admin chat feature more often in the chat on the server.
Most of the players dont know that they have the possibility to send a chat massge to admins, e.g. to give a hint that someone might be hacking.
Because of that, players sometimes just write in chat "play XY is hacking" or say it in voice - then the suspicious player can read this too and often turns off.
So if you see this like me, could we add more often this hint to write a message to admins online? Maybe something like "For a private message to the admin (e.g. to report a suspicious player/potential hacker) write "@admin "yourtext" " in the teamchat" or something like that.

Thanks, have a great weekend - see you online!


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