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Hey everybody i have a suggestion to a map change
We all know de_dust2 is a great map when THE whole map is opened. But playing with fewer players than 11 is Kinda One sided and not very competive. "Very CT SIDED" My suggestion or question is that if its possible to open up mid door to CT spawn Moving THE "Fence" further out BUT Still not accesing b site or lower tunnel. Thus giving T Side 3 site opening and possibilty for mid picks 😁😁😁

Thanks in Advance /// KnaRRaN

I have a compromise between what is on server now and what you want. Just open mid like Knarran said only when there is 5 real players. I also agree that mid should be opened bcs. map is really CT sided now as Knarran said.

Thanks for taking your Time to vote.

The voting shows that THE change in overall is something that would be appricated. Not really sure hoW to change this in practice but iM sure "KOT" know or maybe you Slybesker.

Please reconsider this, much appricated /// knarran 👍

Thank you looks great


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