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suspicion : Bunny (WH 65%) - 18/02/2021

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I have a doubt with the "Bunny" player. I think he's using a WH but i'm not sure. (Only 65 % for me)

I find these preshot to be extremely fast. When did you think?

Demo : http://rus-server.com/demos/18680

I don't think she's cheating at all.

I didn't watch the demo but I already know who the person is, and nothing really shocked me when I played against her.
Also when you post a demo, precise at which moment you find something suspicious, so which round with eventually the approximate moment(you can see by pressing SHIFT+F2, it will open the menu to fast forward, go back, etc. and you have the tick or time.

It would help anyone who want to watch the demo  ;D

I think most people know bunny for quite a while here. It doesn't necessarily mean that we can rule out any suspicion, but if you have some round or specific time on the demo you think are odd, I'll watch it and give you my opinion.

Sometimes I was watching about 10 demos (8*) to get proof that guy is cheating.
And sometime the guy, a friend that I trusted, that i was never expecting to be cheating, just turned on cheat in-game when I was just spectating him after my death (or had it turned on always).
That's just from my experience.
As for demo, in my opinion she's not using something. Yes she has really good reaction, and there were few suspicious moments but it's happening to all of us and as for me she doesn't act like a cheater, cheaters act a little bit different. + there were few moments that prove that she has no wallhack.
So I also don't think she's cheating but... you never can't be 100% sure.


65% isnt near enough, maybe a 90% then make a post... and no shes not hacking.


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