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Please check mandadz! Aimassisting/locking

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Hey KOT and the others.
Please check mandadz for aim-assisting: demo rus-server.com/demos/demos/210109 (I hope, this link works. It was mirage, demo time 09.01.21, 18:26).
I watched him now for a while and to me its obvious that he is locking on the head. He plays a 90% HS rate and he checks for admins online with the !admins command (to me, this command should be deactivated because hackers can check for admins online).
His aim-assist is only activated when he is more or less on the models - thats why its not so easy to see it. Please watch the kills at 1/2 and 1/4 speed and then you clearly see him locking on the heads (sometimes, when his crosshair is a bit far off, you see it perfectly flicking on the head...).
Some examples, see 6:05min, 12:29min (locking with deagle), 17:04min, 17:57min, 18:07min, 19:07min (again very clearly locking on), 22:12min, 22:33min (really funny, because here it is so obvious, crosshair perfectly following/locking the head), and many other kills of that map.
Maybe he is one of your friends, but anyway, it's clear to me that hes hacking and he must be banned permanently!

Thanks man!

OK, I have a look.

Watched the demo, did not see the aim there, tried to revise the moment at a speed of 1/4 but saw nothing.

about the !admins command, I also thought about this, well, maybe it is better when the player knows that there are admins on the server and he will not play with cheats, or I can, for example, make access to this command from a rank, for example "Gold Nova III"

actually can't really believe it! To me it's really obvious, I mean he's fully locking on the heads...
Dont really know what to show you else to proof this!
Maybe others see it...

I will watch it closely on the server, since the demo only writes at 32 ticks.


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